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Uma técnica de pintura...

Marble Painting

Marble Painting

5 minutes
Experience beginner
Patterns none required


Children will enjoy creating a zany design, combining the different colors as the marble rolls through the paint. If there is a concern over the children putting the marbles in their mouths, use a large marble or a golf ball (which will also create a nice dimpled pattern).


Supply Quantity Size
construction paper 1 sheet 9" x 12"
green tempera paint

orange tempera paint

red tempera paint

white tempera paint

Step By Step Instructions

1. Cut the piece of construction paper to fit the bottom of the box (you could use a small box or the cardboard tray from a case of water or pop, it just needs to be deep enough to keep the marble from falling out.
2. Squeeze small amounts of at least four different colors of paint (of the child's choice) on top of the piece of construction paper in the bottom of the box.
3. Place a marble in the box.
4. Gently rock the box in all directions so the ball rolls through the paint and covers as much as possible or desired of the piece of paper.
5. Remove the paper from the box to a drying rack. Let paint dry completely before hanging.

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