segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

header picture for funky fairies

funky fairies

Cut a round head shape from thin cardboard. Then, cut a triangle from bright cardboard for the fairy�s body.

Cut two bright paper triangles for hair. Then, cut curves along the bottom edges and round off the points at the top.

Glue the head onto the body, and glue the hair onto the head so that the pieces touch at the top. Then, draw a face
Cut a square of pink net for the fairy�s wings. Then, cut a long piece of bright ribbon to hang the fairy from
Scrunch the middle of the netting and tie it with one end of the ribbon. Then cut two long pieces of ribbon for legs.

Turn the body over and tape the wings onto it with the long piece of ribbon pointing up. Tape the legs on too.

To make the arms, bend the bumpy part of a drinking straw and cut it so that both ends are the same length.

Press the bumpy part of the straw onto a piece of poster tack. Then, press it onto the back of the fairy, just about the wings.

For feet, thread beads onto the fairy�s legs and tie knots below them. Then, press a sticker on her hair and hang her up.

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